A Passion to Sell


A passion to sell may be viewed in several ways:

  1. A benefit to the salesperson
  2. A benefit to the company
  3. A benefit to customers

In today’s rather transparent business environment, these benefits should be carefully identified. Although not necessarily mutually exclusive, the ‘benefit to others’ will embody a benefit to the company and to the salesperson.

When you believe your product, service or corporate value does benefit others, you do not sell, you ‘lead’; “… discovering what you can do for someone else.” Darcy Rezac. When you lead, you promote your organization both ‘internally and externally’. You are comfortable setting examples. “You show that you are a passionate, engaged team member.” Guy Kawasaki, Managing Yourself: The Art of Evangelism

Evangelizing lets others know that you truly do believe; this captures attention particularly when the subject is about a product, service, or corporate value that provides benefit to others. However, evangelizing can become boring to others if not tempered with passion or genuine interest in other subjects or areas such having a genuine interest in the person you are ‘evangelizing’ to. This entails ‘listening’; giving others an opportunity to communicate with you. You cannot engage others if you do not ‘hear’ what they are saying.

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