Another New Year… let’s make it a great year for our health, our businesses, and our professional motivation.

Our businesses thrive on professional motivation. In our high tech world competition has become progressively more intense, and the challenge to deal with it requires an increasing amount of motivation. Motivation at one time was relatively easy to generate from within the workplace environment. This is no longer an option by itself. Today, businesses must take note of the value employees now put on initiatives that are community based.

“While its partners’ bottom lines are always top-of-mind, the NRA (National Restaurant Association) also places a strong emphasis on social responsibility”. By Bich Le

Our knowledge of the world around us has exploded as a result of the internet and real time reporting. People, your staff, have developed interests in and genuine concerns for a wide variety of issues. Increased motivation for your staff now comes from your businesses participation in some socially conscious programs valued by your staff.

“Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to achieve economic success.”Michael Porter and Mark Kramer.

Appreciate the potential benefit to be realized by supporting your staff’s interest in a program that benefits the larger community.

“If participation in these programs [corporate responsibility] increases our retention rate, recruits top talent, and builds skills in our workforce, then it’s addressing the critical issue of competitiveness.” Rachael Chong and Melissa Fleming

The talent pool that you as a business owner is looking for now requires more from you than just benefits.

Research from the Center for Work-Life Policy shows that high-potential employees–mostly women but also a significant percentage of men–are seriously motivated by a desire to give back to the world and increasingly seek out employers that allow them to participate on company time.Forbes Magazine

In addition to the facts and justifications identified in the above referenced articles, a little social consciousness… just feels good…! Feeling good is a great step towards motivation and creativity..