Building ‘Key’ Relationships

Last month (March’s Blog - scroll down) I wrote about Brand Awareness and Customization. I stated that customer service is an important feature of brand awareness. Customer service has evolved from ‘pleasant accommodation’ into a genuine form of education. Customers have become accustomed to meaningful interaction with the companies they are conducting business. Customers want their ‘investment’ to be an experience; more often than not, an educational experience. Successful businesses have “a strong customer focus”, Chad Brooks, Business News Daily, Senior Writer. A strong customer focus that:

Understanding the difference between what customers say they want and what they truly need, and educating them accordingly can be the keystone for long-term relationships.

As an established manufacturer of quality custom presentation products, Impact has years of experience working with different materials, designs, layouts, and binding techniques. Our research and development efforts have introduced new materials, new designs, and new binding techniques to the industry. More importantly, our years of experience have enabled us to effectively communicate with new customers. Impact has and continues to educate our customers so that they can participate in a decision-making process that results in a product that truly fulfills their needs… and desires.