Developing Meaningful Business Connections…


Generating and conducting business in today’s fast-paced environment can be a challenge.  Responsive communication is expected, and in many cases demanded. Decisions need to be made, information is vital, questions must be answered, and all without delay.  For some, this need for an immediate response to communication has become a burden and encourages anxiety which can lead to stress. When stress enters the picture, a response to a pressing situation may be more of a personal response than a business response; a response generated to relieve stress or create an image rather than assist in conducting good business.

There is a sense of courtesy when it comes to workplace communication. If you aren’t responsive to emails, it paints a negative image of you as lazy at work.”  Dan Schawbel, Millennial Branding

The importance of responding promptly is two-fold (1) providing required valued information and (2) extending a professional courtesy, both of which contribute to meaningful business decisions and great customer service. Professional courtesy also shows a genuine concern for and interest in business.  “By far, in two decades of experience creating my own solutions and leading co-innovation programs, I’ve found that the most critical factor is communication.  Alex GoryachevForbes Communications Council CommunityVoice 

A one hour email response time will meet the expectations of 89 percent of your customers.

Companies aiming for world-class customer service should respond within 15 minutes or less.  Jeff Toister, Toister Performance Solutions, Inc.

When sales staff receive requests for product information a prompt, courteous, and meaningful response will be remembered; it is a form of branding.