Emotional Connections


Emotional connections have been linked to our personal lives, not necessarily to our professional lives. It appears now that there is justification for applying emotional analysis to business relationships; see The New Science of Customer Emotions, Harvard Business Review, November 2015. “Emotional Motivators” for customers, defined in the article, include “Stand out from the crowd”, “Feel a sense of belonging”, and “Protect the environment”.

Impact Enterprises, has employed these ‘motivators’ for years. Accommodating emotional needs through meaningful customer service (sense of belonging), socially conscious endeavors (environmental responsibility), and branding quality products (prominence) has been the vanguard of Impact’s success (see: Testimonials).

This month we want our customers to know that we are preparing for the Holiday Season, and should you be considering new menu covers, wine list covers, guest directory covers, or other custom binder covers for the Holiday Season, now is the time to discuss your needs and desires with one of our design consultants.

One of our Holiday concepts is versatility; a menu or binder cover with removable window panels which offers adaptability to seasonal changes, special events, and holiday food & beverage specials. Adaptability keeps your menu and binder covers ‘dynamic’ and adds to their life.



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