"Custom".., Adjective or Noun...?


If you always do what you always did,
You will always get what you always got…
Albert Einstein


Essentially, this blog will parallel Impact’s current Newsletter on Custom Binder Covers and Custom Menu Covers. It will also put some emphasis on Impact Enterprises, Inc.’s contribution to genuine innovation in the bindery industry.

The term ‘Custom’ in a manufacturing context has typically inferred something special; an item or product produced specifically for a particular customer, not an item available to all, at least not at the time it was produced. 

Today, however, ‘custom’ has taken on its noun values such as ‘habits’, ‘established practices, and repeated practices.  Repeated practices are a convenience for the manufacturing industry; no one must think, just keep doing what has always been done, so ‘custom’ has lost much of its intended meaning, and has almost become synonymous with identification, just a name or logo placed on an off-the-shelf product.  The product itself is common, no innovative value.

Repeated practices were the norm 30 years ago; many end users, design agencies, and design departments were frustrated by the lack of manufacturing capability when, in fact, manufacturing capability was not the issue, but rather it was the mindset of the manufacturing industry that restricted creativity.

30 years ago, Bobi Hamilton, President and CEO of Impact Enterprises, refused to accept status-quo ‘custom’ products for her customers, and learned that manufacturing capability existed, it just wasn’t being used.  Through Bobi’s efforts, Impact Menus and Impact Binders, divisions of Impact Enterprises, Inc., introduced the bindery industry to metal binder covers and metal menu covers, employing copper, brass, brushed aluminum, and stainless steel; solid wood binder covers, and wood menu covers employing a wide variety of solid woods; and tempered glass binder covers.  Additionally, Impact is known for successfully combining these new materials together and with other materials such as genuine leathers, acrylics, fabrics, etc. to produce truly innovative custom presentation products.  Impact’s passion for innovation and design is recognized worldwide; its custom binders, custom menu covers, and other presentation covers have won awards, and its customer service generates repeat business.