Innovation and Customers’ Needs

Innovation should embody both creativity and vision. Successful innovation affords existing and prospective customers with new or improved options. Options is a key word; it paints a customer service picture. The customer is not being forced into something new for the benefit of the company.

A product or design that has been well received and performs well for customers should dictate an innovation strategy that focuses on creating additional value for the customer; a value that customers acknowledge and are willing to pay for. This type of innovation strategy can lead to the development of completely new products and discoveries in the long-term while providing a reinforced income stream in the present-day. See: Innovation Remains A Frustrating Pursuit In Many Companies” by Gary P. Pisano

In the manufacturing industry for custom presentation products, customers are continually envisioning new designs and materials that satisfy new needs or desires. These ‘needs’ are important to the customer and it is incumbent upon manufacturers to appreciate the value of these needs. Appreciating the value of customers’ needs is a sound basis for successful innovation strategies.