Innovation Key to Continued Success

Chris Zook and James Allen published an article titled Reigniting Growth in the March issue of Harvard Business Review, the theme of which centered on how a successful company can experience a “stall-out” in productivity by evolving into a complex entity that “can no longer act decisively” and that loses touch with customers.

In today’s business environment innovation remains key for continued success, and inspired decision-making is required for successful innovation together with quality and customer service. The same decision-making ability most successful businesses experienced at their inception; decision-making emboldened by passion, knowledge, and belief. Exactly what Impact Enterprises, Inc. has employed for the past 30 years.

At Impact, we are committed to our customer’s needs and desires and to understanding industry trends, but more importantly, committed to creating industry trends. Bobi Hamilton, Impact’s CEO, maintains her passion for innovation, has never lost touch with customers, and has created an environment for Impact that encourages all associates to embrace this same philosophy. Almost 30 years ago, Impact introduced customization concepts that soon became trends in the manufacturing industry for binder covers, menu covers, and other presentation products. Our customers have always been first to receive branding quality products due to design and material combinations made possible by Impact’s genius and innovative manufacturing skills. As a result, ‘stall-out’ has never occurred. Today, we continue to lead our industry in setting new trends; creating product using tempered glass, recycled metals, woods, and other materials, new product designs, discovering sources for quality materials at reduced costs, and expanding our product line for the benefit of our customers.