July 2014

“If people know anything about the relationship between memory and stress, it’s probably that the latter can wreak havoc on the former” Sharon Begley

So I took some time off to recharge my brain for business endeavors… It didn’t work as I thought it would. I spent a week in the wilderness enduring much physical labor and enjoying every moment. However, the recharging of my brain for business turned out to be the recharging of my brain for personal growth which will in the long-run benefit business. I left for my trip in a relatively muddled state of mind brought on by too much self-imposed responsibility and preconceived ideas about these responsibilities. Not unusual in today’s business environment.

Previous vacations (not enough of them) included the typical relaxation get-a-ways that did provide the relaxation sought, but did not eliminate business stress. They never stirred my mind’s ability for ‘insightful inspiration’, my expression for an awareness of personal priorities. I now understand why major corporations send their executives on adventure get-a-ways and survival programs. It is a form of meditation without meditating, and could encourage you towards traditional meditation as your mind becomes clear, not just relaxed. It is amazing what a truly clear mind can do for you…

Give yourself an opportunity to sweat in your next vacation..., really sweat. Your personal insight will improve, and an interest in meditation may develop that will help to keep your mind clear and reduce mental stress.

be memorable...