March 2014

You may have seen our “Be Memorable” ads; ads with a focus on distinctive and branding quality presentation products. After the original ad was presented to me, it brought to mind that the concept of being memorable has far more reaching implications than just being applied to a product or identity. Being memorable is exactly what is required for success in today’s business environment. Once you have gained visibility within your potential customer arena, being remembered is your next step to achieving and securing success.

Although customer base expansion remains important; customer retention has become an increasingly important element in business success. Consider the following:

  • Loyal customers provide positive and free advertising. This does not imply a potential reduction in marketing and advertising costs as has been popularized. Your obligation to remain visible to ‘loyal’ customers is just as important as being visible to potential customers. Positive and free advertising presents an opportunity for increased revenues over and above existing costs.
  • Repeat business is vital during business turn-downs. Loyal customers can help preserve a revenue stream.
  • Loyal customers contribute to a reduction in competition, a true ‘competitive advantage’.

The spirit of loyalty is being remembered…, ‘be memorable’. You achieve this spirit by offering:

  • Memorable products (including new, updated, and cutting-edge)
  • Memorable facilities (environment)
  • Memorable service (includes understanding and relaying industry trends)
  • Memorable customer service
  • All of the above are required…

Essentially, you are working to gain your customers' trust. You have turned them into advocates… John Kennedy, IBM

Further, the acknowledged success for customer expansion remains word-of-mouth, an old concept that has taken on a new meaning through social networking technology. How does a company achieve word-of-mouth advertising; have advocates… be memorable… stand out…

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