Millennials: Learn to appreciate them and their potential





Change does not mean revolution; minor adjustments in attitude and an openness to consider new ideas is all management needs for the successful engagement of our younger generation into our businesses…

Millenniums, our younger and new professionals, have taken some pretty nasty raps from our older generation and the press. “They’ve been called the “Me, Me, Me Generation” by Time magazine, “screwed” by Newsweek and Salon, “entitled” by just about everyone.” Washington Post. Change is difficult for some business professionals, and criticizing is easier than delving into possible justifications for change.

Once managers and business owners acknowledge the potential value of their new younger ‘hires’, and real engagement occurs, creativity and innovative business models will develop and grow business beyond expectations. “The Millennial Generation, or "Millennials," is the largest, most connected, and most globally-aware generation in the United States. Huffington Post

I work with a couple of these younger generation professionals, and have learned to value their input for sound decision-making. Their interest in business is genuine, their drive and enthusiasm motivates others, and their personal commitment to social change through contributions and personal involvement is impressive. Both have college loans that restrict discretionary funds yet contributions to and involvement in socially responsible causes continue. “….today’s Millennials are more aware, more educated, and more committed to social change than ever before. Spencer Hall.   “Millennials can address issues and be a voice for causes like no other generation before them”. Achieve and The Case Foundation.

Maybe we need to listen more carefully…

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