September 2014

‘Stories’… again? Must Be Important

“Design brings stories to life”. “Life brings stories to design”. Yves Behar, CEO Fuseproject (, a highly regarded and successful design agency, follows an interesting and smart business model; it partners with its clients. Mr. Behar offers his creative design genius for an ownership position in his client’s business or a participation in a client’s program. Why is this a successful business model for Fuseproject? Mr. Behar gets to know his client, his client’s business, and is able to grasp important associated ‘stories’ that will contribute to design and decision-making for increased success potential.

What is it about ‘stories’ that make for increased success potential? These stories help to accurately identify the client’s thought process while building her/his business. Stories convey values…(Stuart D. Friedman; ). Values define a person. What better knowledge could be had for creating a product or packaging design that complements a business’ success story? The majority of successful businesses are successful because of the owner/founder. These business people have ‘stories’ that have shaped and contributed to the success of their business. Understanding these stories allow for design creativity and decision making that complements, supports, and grows the business. It creates genuineness.

In our industry, genuine creativity channels the essence and values of customers into the customer’s product and packaging.

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