Teamwork and Design


Salman Rushdie is quoted as saying, “There’s a point at which you’re not making it better; you’re just making it different.” Of course, as an author, he was referring to writing. When working in design, ‘different’ can be better; it sets something common apart from its ‘group identity’. This is another way of explaining the term ‘branding’. ‘Different’, however, must not sacrifice functionality, durability, and workability, but rather display a uniqueness that embraces all three.

Design functions have grown and are now incorporated in almost all areas of a business. Where once there was a design department almost isolated from other departments, there is now at least one design experienced professional in all departments, and they work together to achieve meaningful innovation for the company. According the Harvard Business Review, September 2015, this expansion of design function and responsibility to all departments is relatively new. Some companies, such as Impact Enterprises, Inc., however, had design functions evolve into a company-wide responsibility long before it became a recognized requirement for successful innovation.

Impact Enterprises has been receiving design input from all staff and sales associates in all departments almost from its inception. Our staff and sales associates have significant knowledge about materials, construction, design, and timely market preferences (what’s in vogue). Such knowledge when studied, assessed, and reassessed by our ‘team’ opens the door for meaningful innovation. This is why Impact has become the industry’s leading design and manufacturing powerhouse. Our customer’s desires and needs are a company-wide priority.