There are new foursomes coming up… capture them

Have you allowed media and industry reporting on the decline of interest in golf dilute your passion?

Don’t: There are new foursomes to think about… If your passion is genuine it will not be diluted by negative media blitz. This is not to say that the golfing industry hasn’t suffered some setbacks, however setbacks do not dilute passion but rather strengthen it. Are you losing members? Confront the challenge! Is this easier said than done; absolutely, but if professional passion is in you these challenges become creative avenues for success.

There are new foursomes to train and enthuse, and old foursomes to motivate. Your members need reason and encouragement to stay ‘onboard’. Dynamism is required.

What is dynamism for a club; it is an attitude coupled with minor upgrades: An attitude that encourages the rethinking of member’s priorities. It involves the consideration of meaningful programs for both current and future members; programs that encourage a sense of community both within your club and within your club’s neighborhood. Your younger members (the future of your club) have matured with an understanding of community involvement, environmental concerns, and other socially conscious programs. Such programs do not affect the operation, standards, or existing policies of your club, but rather affect your members with a renewed interest in their club. Prominence and exclusivity are not sacrificed by a new ‘community’ mindset but rather are enhanced by it.

Consider an enhanced interactive environmental initiative, staff volunteerism, participation in a community initiative, eco-friendly purchasing program, new interior signage, updated and environmentally responsible accessories that support your environmental initiative. Whatever your preference may be, you must be true to the program you choose; your younger members will know if you are not…