5 Reasons to Use Leather Presentations

leather presentationsWhen choosing menu covers, guest directories, proposals, and presentation holders, it’s important to consider that each is an extension of your brand and stands to make a lasting impression on customers and clients. The attention to detail and personal touches of a truly customized product enhances the entire experience of your patrons. Whether your presentations will be used in a boardroom or a resort, taking the time to carefully choose the materials and fine details of a custom binder or menu cover, will communicate the care and diligence taken in all your work.

Presentations come in many materials, sizes and textures. Consistently rising to the top among choice presentation material options is leather. Leather is popular in upholstery, apparel, and hospitality products due to its reputation for elegance and durability. Many characteristics of leather make it a smart choice for menu covers, binders, check presenters, guest directories and other types of presentations.


1. Leather is durable

mangelsonLeather is popular for its durability and strength and can last for many years with proper care. Over time, leather naturally develops a patina that protects it from wear and corrosion. The natural fibers of a hide make leather strong and resistant to tearing. Leathers also have a degree of water resistance and breathability that allow it to get wet and dry quickly while retaining its elasticity and shape.


2. Leather is Eco-friendly

Savvy business owners and customers alike appreciate that the products they use and purchase have minimal environmental impact. Leather, by nature, is biodegradable and has longevity. Repurposing hides that are a byproduct of the food industry helps to divert them from otherwise ending up in landfills. Vegetable tanning is considered environmentally-friendly and uses all organic materials in the process.


3. Leather is Elegant

la mareaThe unique natural characteristics, rich textures, and the luxurious feel of leather are all elements that contribute to its elegance. Each skin has its own unique markings and variations. Leather has been associated with luxury for thousands of years dating back to around 6000 B.C. The variations of color, texture, feel, smell, and surface resistance all make leather unique and desirable.







4. Leather is Timeless

bmwJust as food trends come and go, venue styles and décor trends similarly tend to change frequently. It’s important (and economical) that your presentations and accessories do not appear dated. Leather offers a timeless style that complements any decor and, if cared for properly, can last for many years. Timeless, however, doesn’t mean boring, as there are many color and texture options to personalize your leather covers and make a lasting impression.





5. Leather is Low Maintenance

Leather is naturally breathable which allows it to dry quickly. In most cases, leather can be easily wiped down with a warm, damp cloth or require a mild soap and towel.


Where can I find real leather presentations?

Impact Enterprises offers an extensive selection of genuine leather menu covers and presentation products that communicate the sophistication and style demanded by discerning restaurants, resorts and customers worldwide. Impact selectively chooses quality byproduct leathers and transforms them into custom unique presentations. Genuine leather menus are available in turned-edge construction, solid slab leather construction, and floppy leather construction. See our leather binders and leather menu covers.