7 Check Presenters to Impress Your Guests

check presenters

Closing the user experience with a unique check presenter communicates a memorable “thank you” to your guests. Custom check presenters offer an opportunity to provide a captivating finish with your guest counter to the familiar routine of paying the check.

Check (sometimes referred to as “chit”) presenters offer an occasion for innovative design and material combinations. Your creative energy, combined with your passion and branding, should be reflected in your guest check holders.

Presentations can tell a story or be used to engage your customers with a short history of your business. Give your customers a moment to reflect on your service and the experience you offered. Enjoy your customer’s response and repeat business when you surpass their expectations by expressing your gratitude with something unique that will be remembered.

Here are some examples we love:

1. Hilton Portland- Hop City Leather Check Presenters

hop city This unique envelope style check presenter created for Hilton Portland & Executive Tower is manufactured from thick rigid leather, decorated with an elegant blind debossed stamped logo, and has a sewn perimeter. A distinctive presentation concept like this one is sure to catch the eye of patrons and convey gratitude.



2. Sea Salt Glass Check Presenters

sea salt Sea Salt glass check presenters are exceptionally captivating and unique. They feature solid glass with smooth irregular edges that simulate ice. The check is held in an aluminum pocket which is part of the brushed aluminum panel that lines the top of the presenter. This design is sure to raise discussion among customers and expresses Sea Salt’s genuine desire to please their customers.


3. Gaia Resort Mahogany Check Presenters

mahogany These Gaia Resort check presenters are not only sophisticated and impressive but also environmentally responsible. They are manufactured from a beautiful, solid, natural mahogany with a tan faux linen quarterbind spine and decorated with enhanced laser-engraved artwork. The combination of materials is sure to command attention from customers who’ve become accustomed to the mundane.


4. Latitude and Longitude Copper Check Presenters

copper Latitude and Longitude Bistro and Brewery impress their guests with these great looking custom check presenters featuring recycled copper. They have a custom blue-green patina, embossed artwork, and a premium faux leather interior that speaks to the care taken and attention to detail in all aspects of the customer experience.


5. Agua Lighted Check Presenters

agua Agua Restaurant at Palmilla Resort chose a captivating, lighted check presenter. With the combination of metallic coach faux leather in vibrant blue and rain faux leather in sky blue, the custom wave design achieved is both distinctive and elegant.



6. Positivo Check Block

Perhaps the most unique of all is the Positivo check blockscheck block which are made from solid walnut wood with a satin dull rub finish. These check blocks can be custom made to fit any business with various holders for pens, checks, and multiple credit cards. You’re sure to make an impression on any guest with this exceptional check presenter.

 7. Ferrari Abu Dhabi Aluminum Check Box

aluminumFerrari World’s aluminum check presenters are a memorable way to present guests with a check at the end of a dining experience. These hand-crafted aluminum boxes created with brushed aluminum are branded with embossed artwork, and enhanced with a distinctive shadow effect. A design like this can be used to end a transaction with a token of appreciation or gift.


If these don’t quite fit the bill (pun intended) for your check presentation, other options such as a custom clipboard or iPad/ tablet cover can create an identical experience when closing a sale. Impact Enterprises offers an extensive selection of materials and options to create presentations that will bring your conceptual design to fruition.