7 Menu Builders to Showcase your Menu

Menu template image of a chef holding a wooden menu

Choosing the right Menu Template or App

You’ve taken great care to choose your menu cover ensuring high quality materials, custom design options, and just the right finish with your logo applied perfectly. You are very pleased with the end result. Your cover reflects the uniquity and quality of your branding and the experience you desire to provide your guests.

Optimizing your Menu Layout

Now it's time to organize the layout of your menu. How do you optimize the layout of the menu inside the cover?

Menus should follow good menu engineering and layout practices. They should represent the character and personality of your restaurant and clearly present the options and pricing.

Start by considering what’s important to you in presenting your menu. You may want the ability to highlight featured items or high profit margin dishes or wines. Do you change options frequently and need something that can change quickly with the market and availability of food and new trends? Do you have your own images and graphics or need help developing graphics? What's your budget? 

When doing a quick Google search of menu templates, an overwhelming amount of search results pop up. We’ve done the research for you and have created this list of menu templates that makes creating and changing out your menu items simple and easy.

7 of the Best Menu templates and Menu Builders

1. Canva

menu template from canva

  • Drag and drop features simplify the design process
  • Ready made menu templates available for use or alteration
  • Make your own graphics for the menu you envision
  • Starts out as a free app, pro version is $119.99/year or $12.99/month




imenu pro template

2. iMenuPro

  • Create your own food item database. Drag and drop items from database onto the menu
  • Use blueprints to add design elements strategically
  • Smart Mark included on all templates to properly present foreign food items in print
  • For daily menu printing due to seasonal changes, iMenuPro is the go-to application
  • Built in QR menus lets you share across the internet with live-sync technology
  • Costs $15/month or $9.75/month when you sign up for a year


3. Adobe Spark

  • Menu templates available
  • An Adobe Creative Cloud app, easy to use
  • Create beautiful designs for your menu and for online publishing to social media
  • Free for first 30 days, $9.99/month $99.99/year
  • Team pricing options are $19.99/month or $239.88
    adobe menu template

4. MustHaveMenus

must have menus

  • Specialized site devoted to creating custom menus
  • Free plan with pro option at $29.95/month
  • Built in QR codes for touch-free menu option included with Pro version
  • Access to restaurant specialists available





templates.net menu5. Template.net

  • Free downloadable templates
  • Edit in 17 applications across Apple, Adobe, Google and Microsoft
  • Easy to use, especially for design beginners




    6. Templates.office.com

    • A Microsoft template database
    • Use in Word, edit and add menu items and graphic elements
    • All templates available free for Microsoft 365 subscribers
    menu template

    7. TheGooDocs.com

    • Menu templates available to edit with Google Docs
    • Has tutorials to help with basic Google Docs use
    • Templates are all free
    menu template

    For visually appealing menus that wow your customers the graphic designer’s picks for creating a menu would be Canva and Adobe Spark. A chef’s choice for quick changes and an offering database would be iMenuPro. A menu building tool that appeals to many business managers is MustHaveMenus, as marketing templates are included. For those with a limited budget, just getting started or seeking inspiration, we recommend template.net, TheGooDocs.com, and templates.office.com.

    Whichever application you decide to use for your menus, the outcome you desire is at your fingertips. Combined with your Impact bespoke menu cover, the options are endless. We hope you find this list of templates useful and wish you much success!