Innovative Handcrafted Menu Covers and Binder Covers

Last month, we addressed the concept of “custom v. innovative” presentation products, explaining that the term ‘custom’ in the manufacturing industry has taken on its noun value, a ‘habit’, or ‘routine’. It is indicative of a mindset void of innovative thinking; a mindset that ignores the importance of ‘capturing attention’ and ‘creating that sense of value’ generated by innovative products.

Innovative thinking, however, needs to encompass more than just design and decoration ideas. Quality is an essential element of innovation. It is quality that will reinforce that sense of high value desired for the contents of the binder cover or menu cover. Quality demands not only durable materials, but also encompasses features such as Reinforced Spines, Sewn-through Edges, Radius Corners, Multi-ply construction when appropriate, and Mitered Corners when appropriate; all of these techniques add to durability and long-life which complements innovative design and decoration ideas.

Quality menu covers and binder covers are in demand because of the long-term benefits realized. Impact Menus and Impact Binders specialize in high quality, innovative presentation products because it is an extension of customer service that our customers deserve