June 2014

Love Generates Healthy Rewards...

An interesting title for a blog for the hospitality industry, but one that addresses some challenging and meaningful issues; foods, food supply, hunger. The hospitality industry together with a number of celebrated chefs appear to be taking a significant role in not only promoting healthier food choices for their customers and the general public, but also addressing causes for the conceivable failure of a sustainable healthy food supply for all. Thanks to the compassion of celebrated chefs like Chef Jose AndresChef Dan Barber, and many more, investigations into issues challenging a sustainable healthy food supply and resolves for ending national and international hunger are continually being pursued.

As I discovered shortly after hearing Chef Greg Higgins comments last month (see June Newsletter), local farmers need more stable year-round revenue in order to consider growth; growth that will allow for greater distribution of an increased number of healthy foods. Although referring to mid-sized farms, in The Third Plate Chef Dan Barber pointed out, this can be accomplished if farmers can educate their customers (chefs and other end users) about the availability and the nutritious value of rotation crops; crops that can, and should be food sources, but currently are being used only for replenishing soil nutrients. There is enough for both. Chefs will be challenged to create new meals such as Chef Dan Barber’s “Rotation Risotto” mentioned in The Third Plate, but they should embrace this challenge with great gusto. This is a small but meaningful step in ‘growing’ healthy food production.

Our local farmers love and respect their lands. Their lands are nutrient rich and generate healthy rewards. Our Chefs love to be creative. Their creativity generates healthy rewards. These healthy rewards need to be available to all.

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