Not Just a Stitch: 5 Embroidery Facts We Love

At Impact Covers, we take our embroidery seriously. We pride ourselves in providing the best atelier you can find. Our products are memorable from the textiles that we use to the vibrant colors that illuminate our menus and binders.

Our designs range from classic, ornate, simple, luxurious or vintage. We have designed it all…and for all budgets. When you select an embroidered logo, you choose a product that is durable, versatile, diverse and can be applied to embellish the most complex materials.

Adding a bespoke aesthetic allows your customer to feel the dimension, richness, texture and bring your brand design to life.

Did you know the history of embroidery? Here are 5 interesting facts that we love.

  1. The first needles were crafted from bone.
  2. Ancient custom embroidery was a sign of status. From handkerchiefs, robes and flags these imported luxurious products were exclusive and only available to the wealthiest and high ranked during these ancient times.
  3. The first embroidery machines were invented in the 1800s.
  4. The needle selection is crucial for the final result and design.
  5. While embroidery is practice around the world, its origin stems from China and the near east. Early embroidery can be traced back to Cro-Magnon days or 3000 BC.

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 “Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time.” -Unknown