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We are now into September, a good time to begin planning for the upcoming Holiday Season. Our demanding schedules do encourage us to put upcoming important issues on the back-burner so that we can focus on issues at hand; don’t let this happen. If you have decided that new custom menu covers or guest directories are to be purchased before the Holiday Season, address the subject now so that you are able to get exactly what you want without having to compromise on design, materials, and quality, and without incurring the possibility of delivery delays.

As I wrote in our September Newsletter, true custom products require more than a name stamped on an inventoried or ‘off-the-shelf’ item. Custom implies a sense of uniqueness or the state of being special, and this is not attained through a name; it is attained through design, materials, creativity, and functionality; essentially through innovative energy. When applied to menu covers, custom should refer to presentations that enchant and delight customers; presentations that encourage extended perusal of contents; presentations that can contribute to increased orders and revenue.

Although many manufacturers identify themselves as being ‘custom’, true custom manufacturers are not easy to find, so when planning for your special presentation products make certain you give yourself time to find a manufacturer who possesses that innovative energy required for presentations that capture, enchant, delight…, and contribute to increased orders and revenues.