The Value in Custom Menu Covers


A custom menu cover is a reflection of a restaurant’s ownership/management’s ‘intent’.Successful restaurants have ownership that have researched and understand the value in a particular location, the best food selection for that location or how their specialties will be received in that location, and they appreciate the importance of high quality food and customer service together with the requirement of long-term demanding hours. These owners are serious business people, people who do not hope for success, but demand success. Creating an enjoyable and meaningful dining experience for customers is paramount and obvious from the moment a customer walks into the establishment.

The custom menu cover complements the ambiance, and completes ownership’s intent.It not only adds to the meaningful dining experience ownership/management insists on, it encourages the customer to review food selections more thoroughly, resulting in a propensity to order increased and varied food selections. Quality and fresh foods are paramount for continued success, customer service comes in a close second together with ambiance designed for the target market. Custom menu covers complete designed ambiance.

As I wrote in our January and March newsletters, organically grown produce, locally sourced produce, and locally sourced non-antibiotic meats have increasingly become the “new normal” in fine restaurants. Impact continues to encourage our customers to patronize their local sources for quality produce, organically grown produce, and non-antibiotic meats. Such patronization will contribute to minimizing the environmental contamination caused by industrial agriculture. Further, if there is a Veteran-owned farm in your local, please consider its produce.