This May Be A Good Time for a Little Forward Thinking

This is a good time to consider upgrading your menu covers. Our economy remains strong, people are dining out more, and the hospitality industry is enjoying a significant increase in business.1 New menu covers or guest directory covers that tell a part of your story may be just the investment needed to generate an increase in your revenues. Your story could be about environmental concerns and presenting your customers with innovative eco-friendly menu covers will echo the public’s increasing concern for environmental responsibility. Today, demonstrating values shared with your customers has become an important marketing strategy; the creation of value. The purpose of the corporation must be redefined as creating shared value, not just profit per se. This will drive the next wave of innovation and productivity growth in the global economy.” Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business School

“…it's about the creation of value, and a company's ability to demonstrate that they share values and beliefs with their target consumer. This becomes especially evident as we embrace the consumer-generated push for sustainable commerce and, even more-so, sustainable travel and eco-friendly hospitality. Alan Young

Now is the time to upgrade your menu covers and guest directory covers to create a shared value with your customers which also helps in branding.



Looking ahead to 2019, there is an expectation of continued confidence by hoteliers as increases in room rates continue to become a bigger driver of RevPAR growth. Consumer spending is forecasted to increase as lower personal tax rates and low unemployment continue. The industry is expected to continue to benefit from an improving economy stemming initially from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, with potentially higher group spend and increased commercial transient demand.