We’re Rebranding (To Make a Bigger Impact) 

Imapct Enterprises Rebranding Image of a Menu or Binder Cover

Any rebrand strategy—even a small change to a website or a visual tweak—raises legitimate concerns. 

Will returning customers fail to recognize our company? What if they don’t like the changes? Will we lose clients? 

Before we consider why companies rebrand, let’s discuss the purpose of branding itself.

What is Branding, and Why Does it Work?

Branding is the limitless symbol of a company’s products or services. It constitutes physical products, like packaging and brochures, and intangible aspects like reliability and reputation.

If well-known, branding can be a company’s most effective, stand-alone advertisement. 

Branding strategy works because of the power of identification. A recognizable product involves less thought and risk. Customers like spending less time weighing the pros and cons of different products. They’re less frustrated knowing which products to use, when to use them, and how they function. 

Familiarity is a company’s powerhouse. Customers return to businesses they know and brands they trust. They’re attracted to logos they’ve seen before, taglines they’ve heard, even websites that look vaguely familiar. If something rings a bell—either loudly or dimly—it’s the go-to choice.

The last thing any business wants to do is disrupt effective, recognizable branding and alienate customers.

So why switch things up? Why undertake an overhaul when brand image is so crucial? 

A Brand by Any Other Name (Can Be as Sweet)

It’s clear that a brand is a visual representation—and a reminder—of everything a company stands for.

In contrast, the definition of a rebrand is to “change the corporate image of (a company or organization).” 

As you can see, this is not a procedure to take lightly. Nor does it work in every scenario. But there comes a time for many organizations when they recognize they need a makeover and the benefits of a brand refresh far outweigh the risks. 

What’s more, a justifiable, purposeful shift in brand identity won’t compromise a company. It can make it significantly stronger. And the results benefit everyone.

Impact Becomes Impact Covers—and More

Our previous branding, while recognizable, was no longer an ideal reflection of our company. We started seeking an aesthetic refresh with a more accurate—and defining—visual identity. 

The first major goal was to integrate a book image into our logo. We wanted to eliminate questions about what we do and offer immediate insight into our company’s products. With one simple redesign, including a more inviting blue and black color palette, our brand identity began to convey much more. 

Our next aim was to stand apart from other businesses, particularly those that share the name Impact. We had no desire to unwittingly send current and potential customers to an entirely different business offering far different services. That’s when our new business title, Impact Covers, was born.

Impact Covers Logo
impact logo

With the changes, our website needed to follow suit. Our previous website URLs, including impactmenus.com, impactbinders.com, and impactenterprises.com, weren’t presenting the entirety of our cover products in one streamlined location. Browsing and submitting a quote request had to be completed through each individual site, adding unnecessary time and energy. It became apparent that a consolidated website would be a better, all-encompassing fit, and www.impactcovers.com was launched. 

Brand alterations have, and will always be made in the best interest of our customers, old and new. These current shifts are no exception. 

By upholding a genuine representation of ourselves, we know we can better serve you. We’re still the same people offering the same quality, products, and customized options—all in one convenient, modified location.  

Thank you for your trust, your loyalty, and your business. We hope you find our new logo more recognizable and new website more streamlined. We are continuing to update images and make tweaks to improve customer experience. We’d love to hear your feedback. Send us a message at info@impactenterpises.com