Why a Physical Binder Tops Paperless Trends

Why a Physical Binder Tops Paperless Menu and Binder Trends

The Benefits of a Physical Presentation

You’re at a sales consultation, hoping to land a big client. You’ve prepared a computer presentation with powerful statistics and stellar-looking graphics. You’re confident you will successfully make your case. 
But as soon as you start the projection, the power goes out. 
You try for 10 minutes to reconnect to a power source and locate Wi-Fi. With no luck, you turn to your assistant in desperation; “Please tell me you brought paper copies of our presentation?”
Next, imagine an in-person commercial real estate walk-through. You have a variety of digital property specs you’ve asked your clients to review online before the tour.
Now you’re on site, and your potential buyer wants to know the difference in square footage between all seven properties she’s about to see. You realize you’re at a disadvantage without a realtor binder to physically flip through. You find yourself stumbling back and forth between site plans on a narrow smartphone screen. 
In both above scenarios, you’ve lost valuable time and engagement with a potential client—neither of which you can afford.
Think of your business presentation as the complete package. It needs to be about looks, content, construction, and character. 
And it all must be on hand, ready to be showcased.
Your sales pitch must begin with a notable entrance. A professional outward appearance. 
An unforgettable first impression. 
Then, it needs to drill down to material substance. 
Custom binders can do just that. Much more than a theater prop, they can be the selling point of your story. They stylishly exhibit your portfolio, highlight properties for sale, house important legal documents, and turn what would be yet another eye-glazing computer screen presentation into a bright, interactive booklet. 
When any proposal is digital and less palpable, it can feel more abstract.
Helping potential and current clients visualize a path forward in partnership means urging them to see it. And a literal approach helps. 
Binders contain the physical, tactile, and educational contents of your business proposal while also sleekly augmenting your brand and motto. They are the Alex Trebek and Vanna White of your business game. You need them to help answer questions, turn literal pages, and sparkle. 
They also offer physical evidence of what you can provide your clients. Evidence that’s not theoretical; it can be seen and felt.

Physical Presentations are more Memorable

While we all learn and retain information differently, science explains we learn best when more than one sense is involved. A polished, sophisticated binder appeals to both visual and kinesthetic learners. When combined with verbal communication, your binder makes two-thirds of a multisensory presentation. And that’s sure to leave a grander mark. 
Understandably, today’s goal is to use less paper. It’s practical when businesses work with clients remotely, and it’s preferable when it comes to unnecessary waste.
But when meeting with clients in person, a presentation binder and its contents—the fabric of what you stand for—make a truly tangible impression. 
Maybe you’re a practicing attorney trying to make a name for your newly minted law firm. You’re young, technologically savvy, and skilled at digital marketing. Over the course of a week, the logo you personally designed—and that’s clearly visible on your custom legal binder—leads to several conversations and questions from coffee shop patrons. 
Just by carrying around your legal binder, you’ve found an additional, professional source of advertisement. All with a critical attention to details.
Imagine your own custom binder. It immediately catches the eye. It’s maneuverable, has interactive contents, and is gorgeous to see and touch. It maintains its holder’s focus while simultaneously representing your company’s taste and style. 

Choose Sustainable Options

And when it comes to sustainability, binder covers can be made with a wide variety of durable materials. While the contents may change, they will be enveloped in a binder to be used for years and years to come. 
A carefully crafted and selected binder can’t be understated. 
In every way, it truly makes an impact.