Why Modern Menu Covers are Important

"A modern fine dining menu cover is a menu cover that a customer can identify with; a cover that connects with customer's emotions. When companies connect with customer's emotions, the payoff can be huge.”

Harvard Business Review, “The New Science of Customer Emotions”


4 Ways to Modernize Your Menu Covers

1. A modern restaurant menu cover and wine list cater to innovative designs and material blending

natural grassclothTherefore consider combining two or more materials in your design; material combinations that support branding and communicate value. A union of leather and wood or recycled metal can tell a story; combining linen with embossed recycled metal caters to sophistication; tempered glass joined with leather and recycled metal can be a distinguished branding tool.

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2. Modern menu covers are distinct so consider design features that set your menu cover or wine list cover apart from the ordinary.

ecofriendlyFeatures that are subtle and improve functionality such as a new screw post spine design that might ‘tell a story’. These state-of-the-art-menu-covers are not “off-the-shelf” products; they are custom, offering more than a stamped name or logo. Custom menu cover designs are created through an innovative energy generated by passion; passion for design, for value, for exploration, and for customer satisfaction. They are menu holders and check presenters that capture attention not at the sacrifice of functionality, durability, and workability, but rather through a uniqueness that embraces all three.


3. Modern menu covers are socially and environmentally responsible so consider materials that are sustainable, durable, and will not contaminate landfills.

copperMaterials such as solid woods harvested from sustainable forests, recycled materials, and aqueous coated materials. These contemporary menu cover materials cater to the socially conscious concerns of today’s generation and support a social initiative. Wood menus, recycled metal menus, and genuine leather menus have become standards for socially conscious initiatives, and demonstrate shared values with customers.


4. A Modern menu holder and menu board can actually help build an emotional connection between customer and restaurant

customConsider designs that convey a theme that customers may relate to. Emotional Motivators as defined in The New Science of Customer Emotions, Harvard Business Review, include “Standout from the crowd, Feel a sense of belonging, and Environmental responsibility, all of which are ‘modern’ goals for today’s owners / managers / Chefs.