Guest Directories


Guest services directory covers or guest directory covers are an important part of your guests experience at your property.

Guest directories showcase complete and accurate descriptions of services and activities your property offers and often include interesting activities available in the local area that your guests might enjoy.
Providing guests with meaningful information about services and activities available together with local area attractions contributes to branding through customer service. 
Guests enjoy knowing you care, therefore, a guest services directory cover that captures your guests attention will offer quick access to meaningful information.  
Further, a custom guest directory that complements your property's theme or identifies a unique aspect about you, such as an environmental initiative can also be a branding opportunity for your property.
Impact Covers offers a variety of Eco-friendly guest directory covers that support environmental responsibility around the world.
Guest directories are available in a wide selection of materials and designs, including clamshell binders and binder boxes.

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