Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Corporate Responsibility:Environmental Stance and Sponsorship:

In early 2003 Impact Enterprises, Inc. launched an Environmental Initiative. Our goal was, and continues to be, an effort to help minimize landfill growth, contamination, and ground water contamination. We began with a program of employing toxin free materials for our products such as recycled craft paper, aqueous coated materials, recycled polyurethane and recycled acrylic. At that time we were also the principal manufacturer of metal presentation covers, and began researching and testing the use of recycled metals. Today our copper, brass, and aluminum binder covers, menu covers, and custom presentation covers have become the most popular in the industry, are used worldwide, and are all manufactured from recycled metals. Further, the extensive and highly applauded patina finishes we have developed for our copper and brass are all natural. We do not employ any artificial coloring in these patina finishes.

In late 2003 we expanded our environmental initiative to use only solid woods harvested from Verified Sustainable Forests for our custom wood binders and menu covers. We were also the first to work with Blue Pine (Lodgepole Pine trees that were infected by the Mountain Pine Beetle). Blue Pine is considered to be the ‘greenest’ of solid wood products as these trees are dying from the infestation, but are harvested before they fall, and do maintain a structural integrity that allows for their use. We also offer environmentally responsible stains and colors.

Impact is a founding sponsor of Green Lodging News, the hospitality industry’s most respected and leading environmental publication.

Sample Environmentally Responsible Products: