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Corporate Social Responsibility:Military and Veteran Causes

There are occasions when genuine compassion may challenge business logic...

In 2010, in collaboration with Lt.Chris Salisbury USMC Foundation* Impact expanded its corporate social responsibility to include assistance to our seriously wounded soldiers and homeless Veterans, many whose emotional strength was shattered by combat experiences.Our program began with contributions to respected military charitable organizations, and soon grew into providing direct support to those in need through a committed and respected contact.Most of our wounded young heroes are enlisted and do not have discretionary funds nor do their families, so important but non-emergency concerns are rarely addressed. Further, extended care at times requires more than what is available through government programs and military hospitals, therefore, direct financial assistance that is tactfully offered and without the need for application is so incredibly appreciated. Direct financial assistance is, however, a sensitive issue; these young men and women are proud and do not look for or accept ‘handouts’ or sympathy. There are occasions when genuine compassion may challenge business logic. The occasional loss of a tax deduction is minor in the big picture.

*Lt. Chris Salisbury USMC Foundation, a private family-funded foundation.We do not accept donations

Impact Enterprises, Inc. in collaboration with Lt. Chris Salisbury USMC Foundation supports Matt Amos in his successful and continuing efforts to grow his company Admirals Pennant.Matt, a retired US Marine who served 10 years in the Marine Corps before being medically retired for injuries received in combat, had the vision and resolve to start his own company, and now provides employment to other combat Veterans.


Farmer-Veteran Coalition


In 2017 Impact Enterprises, Inc. in collaboration with the Lt Chris Salisbury USMC Foundation began supporting and promoting the Farmer-Veteran Coalition.  As a result of our work and investment in the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch, we learned how valuable farming and ranching operations are to combat Veterans.  The Farmer-Veteran Coalition provides Veterans with extensive opportunities to engage in farming and ranching endeavors.  The success of the program has led to a start in revitalizing farming and ranching in the U.S. by providing high quality, healthy, locally sourced, organic produce and meats, by contributing to employment in the agricultural industry, and by helping to reduce the environmental harm caused by "industrial agriculture".  Farmer-Veteran Coalition provides tremendous benefits not only to our Veterans, but also to the country as a whole; our Veterans continue to 'protect' our country...

Stand Down, San Diego, CA.-Founded by Veterans Village of San Diego

Since 2012 we have volunteered our time and sponsored tents for this great program designed to help homeless Veterans

Tango Tent with a couple of our Veterans

Tango Tent Group Photo

Vietnam Vet, John with Ralph Salisbury




Another great ‘Stand Down’… Veterans Village of San Diego’s 2015 “Stand Down”, the largest in the country, was another great success. Homeless Veterans (many combat Veterans whose emotional strength was shattered by experiences in war zones), men and women, (Vietnam through Afghanistan) were provided with 3 days of housing, 3 meals each day plus new clothing, shower facilities, medical, dental, and counseling services, VA Advocate counselors, legal services, housing opportunities while working towards securing steady employment. All this and more is followed up with a court system that will expunge records of those with warrants for minor offenses so steady employment can be secured. This year our tent, Tango, cared for 27 homeless Veterans. A great group of men who challenged us, laughed with us, and cried with us… good people..!!

2016 Stand Down:Veterans Village of San Diego changed the Sponsorship format.They created a Sponsor Wall as opposed to having sponsored tents.Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year due to surgery.I look forward to next year.


Central Oregon Veterans Ranch:

"A working ranch that restores purpose and spirit to Veterans of all ages..."


In 2014 Impact Enterprises, in collaboration with Lt. Chris Salisbury USMC Foundation, extended its corporate social responsibility to include support for this great Veteran ranching concept.

December 2016 - Combat Out Post Salisbury:A gathering place for our Veterans at Central Oregon Veterans Ranch, named in honor of Lt Chris Salisbury USMC.   Impact Enterprises in collaboration with Lt Chris Salisbury USMC Foundation funded the construction of Combat Outpost Salisbury, a GP Tent set on a wood deck and outfitted with electricity, an ADA Approved wheelchair ramp, and a Pellet Stove for heat.


September 13, 2016 –Central Oregon Veterans Ranch volunteers, Chris Chatwin and Dan Leifer made four successful climbs in Smith Rock State Park.These U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veterans humbled their host and COVR donor, Ralph Salisbury of the Lt Chris Salisbury USMC Foundation and Impact Enterprises, Inc.Salisbury was successful in only two of the climbs.


Chris Chatwin and Dan Leifer at SMITH ROCK STATE PARK, SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

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Ongoing Staff Volunteer Activities

2014 - to date:Bend VA Medical Clinic, Bend Oregon

2013 - 2014: Portland VA Medical Center, Portland Oregon