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Hershey Lodge

Hershey Lodge guest services directory covers are branding quality.  These unique and great looking guest services directory covers have a frosted acrylic treatment recessed in a die-cut window.  This frosted acrylic window will allow the colors and text printed on the first insert page to show through the window.  Text will be clear and the colors muted; A unique and captivating combination.
Optional Acrylic (or acetate) window for removable seasonal picture is also available

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Impact Covers offers custom sizes for your menu covers and binders. Our Sales Associates can help you select the perfect size for your project.
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Impact offers an impressive selection of interior options and designs.
Decoration options for Menu Covers and Binder Covers are varied, extensive, and present truly great branding opportunities.
Your Impact Design Sales Associate can offer decoration options for your menu covers that are exciting, unique, and creative.

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